About Us

The CF561 Difference:

At CrossFit 561, we provide our athletes with an individualized, hands-on experience that is second to none. Our attention to detail regarding movement pattern is what sets us apart from other local gyms. We will keep you safe and get you fitter, faster, and stronger. We build our programming around this promise to our athletes.

Whether you have never stepped foot in a gym before or have been a gym rat your entire life, we have a program built for you. Our expertise in the area of scaling and modifying workouts enables every athlete to achieve the same stimulus each and every day.

We are community. We are family. We are CrossFit561.

We are prepared to walk with you on your fitness journey to encourage, inspire, and to be your accountability partner. Come see what we are all about and schedule your free consultation today.

Once you join our community, you will find we are more than just a gym. We are a group of people trying to better ourselves through fitness while serving our community through various public service missions. Our commitment to our local charities and non-profits is essential to what we do at CrossFit 561.