Member Spotlight: Alberto Roche

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Alberto recently started with us at CrossFit 561 and has experienced some amazing results.  We asked him a few questions about where he started and the goals he want to achieve.  We know if he keeps up the hard work, Alberto will see great success.


The defining moment in my life that led me to make a significant lifestyle change was when I went to see the doctor about a back injury and learned that I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a fatty liver. I had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. At that moment I knew I needed to change the way I was living. I weighed in at 305 pounds, had a terrible diet, and just became a father to a beautiful baby girl. I had to do something.

I knew fitness and changing my diet were the answer. So I joined CrossFit 561 and I am currently training Monday, Wednesday and Friday with my wife, Stephanie. On Tuesdays and Thursday, I train jiu-jitsu for about an hour each day. On Saturdays I double up with CrossFit training and jiu-jitsu. Sunday is my rest day to spend with my wife and daughter where we like to relax and get ready for the week.

I currently follow a paleo diet. I have not felt any better than this. I feel stronger, leaner, and it is really helping me to lose weight. After I cut all the bread, sugar, and dairy from my diet, my joints and my back feel so much better.

My favorite CrossFit workouts are the high intensity days with cardio. I enjoy the feeling of giving everything I have to give and not being able to move or make it to my car. I don’t have a least favorite CrossFit movement. I didn’t join CrossFit to be a skeptic, and I know every movement has a purpose whether it’s functional strength or flexibility.

My short term goal is to weigh 200 pounds before the new year. I want to start 2017 off right. I am down 35 pounds so far from 4 weeks ago. My long term goal is to stay on this journey of fitness and clean eating. I would also like to compete again either in CrossFit, a 5K, jiu-jitsu, or even a Spartan Race.