Member Spotlight: Lori Cayea

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CrossFit 561 is proud to recognize Lori Cayea for our April member spotlight. Lori has been working very hard over the past few months and it really showed this past open season.

More than individual accomplishments and personal accolades that come with hard work, Lori is a great person who absolutely lights up the room when she walks in.

We are honored to have her as a member of our community and we couldn’t be happier to share her story:

“I was the kid that no one ever picked to be on their team. I was little, had no hand-eye coordination, and no athletic ability. So when the coach assigned me to any team, the sighs of disappointment from the other kids were deafening!

Fast forward to six years ago when I received a six-week boot camp certificate from my daughter, Michelle, for Christmas. She had already tried to kill me by making me do interval sprints with her. I laughed as I opened the gift and agreed to give it a try. I have not looked back since! I have gone from not being able to run 40 feet to completing 2 half marathons.

I remember the early stages of my journey, doing most bar work with the PVC pipe, Turkish get ups with a water bottle, and performing a tiny bunny hop from a box in order to get a pull-up. These days I can dead lift 195lbs, back squat 150lbs, and I can do handstand pushups! I finally conquered my fear of the box that I acquired from too many falls and scarred shins and now perform most workouts RX with a 20” box. Next up on my list of skills to master are double-unders and toes to bar, while continuing to improve in the snatch and overhead squat.

My favorite part of CrossFit is being able to work out with my daughter, Michelle. I love when we have the opportunity to attend the same class. My youngest daughter also does CrossFit in Clearwater. We all love to share war stories and commiserate about our soreness.

I would have to say that CrossFit has changed me in more ways than just physical. I have stepped out of my comfort zone as someone who would rather blend in with the scenery to going as far as leading a small community fitness class at Palm Springs Middle School where I am the treasurer during the day. My competitive side has also been awakened. That little girl no one wanted on their team just finished in the top 19% of her age group in the 2017 CrossFit Open!

I encourage people of all ages to do CrossFit. If I can do it, ANYONE can!”