Member Spotlight: The VPVs

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CrossFit 561 is so proud to honor a tremendous family who has been putting in some
serious work every morning at 6am. James, Sandy, and Bailey have committed to Pulse40
fitness and are reaping the rewards inside and outside of the gym. Please take a moment to
read their bio below as we take the time to spotlight our members of the month the Van
Putten Vink’s. You three are an incredible asset to our community and deserve to be
recognized for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations!

Nick Penizotto has been a friend of our family for years. Nick has always motivated us to go
above and beyond what we thought we were capable of, so you can imagine our excitement
when Nick started Pulse40 at CrossFit 561 right near our house. The idea of getting up at
5am to workout at 6am seemed impossible, but 3 out of the 5 of the VPV clan- James (46),
Sandy(43), and Bailey(18)- decided to give it a try.

We have been active members of the Pulse40 Fitness class for about 3 months, and could
not be more pleased with the results. The environment and the people have been so helpful
in the process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When Bailey is not at the gym she is a
senior at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. When Sandy is not at the gym she is a hardworking
mom of three who never sits still. When James is not at the gym he is a financial advisor
(side job-comedian at CrossFit 561 & Pulse40 Fitness). Our weekends consist of family
activities, school work, local events, etc.

Bailey – My short term goal is to get a killer bod for prom season and graduation. My long
term goal would be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so I can avoid the freshmen 15 in college,
and maintain my eating/ workout habits throughout my 4 years at a University. Overall, I just
want to feel good, look good and be the best version of me! The biggest change in my day
to day life would definitely be that my energy level as well as activity level has increased
immensely. I no longer huff-and- puff as I walk the dreadful four-flights of stairs at school.
Unfortunately, I was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago. However, Pulse40 fitness
has been amazing and accommodating and has helped strengthen my neck and back.

Sandy – Pulse40 fitness has been a tremendous help in rehabbing my knee after having
knee surgery a few months ago. When I'm not at the gym I'm usually running around for the
kids: either going to my son's football games, taking my daughter to horse lessons, and
trying to help Bailey prepare for her freshman year of college! I find doing Pulse40 at 6:00
am is a great way to start my day and it gives me that extra energy I need for the day! My
short term goal is to continue going to classes 6 days a week and to gradually improve my
fitness while maintaining a healthy diet. My long term goal is to continue working out, gain
more confidence in myself, and enjoy life!

James aka Jimmy Jamz – My short term goal is to continue to get up at 5am to make the
6am class & increase my calorie burn. My long term goal would be to incorporate good
eating habits while working out (A.K.A get ripped up!!) Outside of the gym I hope to continue
to build & maintain my business, and eventually retire and enjoy life in Florida. Pulse40
fitness has increased my energy level; working out early makes me feel 10 times better
throughout the day.