Raising the Standards

CrossFit 561 Raising the Standards

“Every team trains, every team lifts, every team conditions, every team prepares. It’s not that you do those things. It’s at what STANDARDS you do those things.”

There are so many gyms locally, in the state, the country, the world- Nick, Ray, Edens, and myself are constantly asking, what sets us apart from the average CrossFit gym? What can we do that will not just make you, our members, happy- but also put you on the path to becoming your best selves? What can we do better? How can we continue to raise our standards?

On an organic level, you all make being different from the rest incredibly easy. Every day, whether I’m coaching or working out, I witness the hard-work, inclusiveness, support, and enthusiasm that defines the CrossFit 561 community. This already creates something special- just by showing up every day with openness, integrity, and an excitement to work and be with one another- there is a certain, indescribable “vibe” that is unique to us and can only be felt within the walls of our gym.

As coaches, it’s up to us to give you the tools you need to build off of that foundation. There have been lots of changes within the past year that we hope have begun to accomplish just that- new programs, new coaches, a complete renovation of the gym, more member outings, the newsletter/member spotlights, and new programming formats like our Benchmark/Hero WOD month this past February. This blog is the next addition to your growing toolbox. You can expect to read about nutrition, tips for getting different skills, sports psychology, fitness history, and so much more. It will hold all of us accountable for raising our standards. As coaches, we’ll be responsible for putting out useful and inspiring content, and as athletes, you’ll be responsible for applying what you learn.

-Coach Abby